“A riveting new thriller about a first and second wife who must work together to find out who killed their husband … or die trying.”



After the sudden death of her ex-husband Brian, Lauren helps Brian's much-younger widow, Jessica, arrange the funeral and settle his affairs. Although they were once adversaries in the battle for Brian's heart, Lauren agrees to pitch in for the sake of their troubled sixteen-year-old daughter, Emily. But Lauren gets much more than she bargained for when information comes to light about Brian's shady business deals with his old college friend Jordan Connors and the crime lord Jorge Arena, jeopardizing Brian's estate and throwing the women into the world of high-stakes illegal gambling.

With only a few days to find out where Brian hid millions of dollars in bonds and in fear for their lives, Lauren, Jessica, and Emily must set aside their differences and work together to secure their inheritance and evade Jorge Arena's murderous crew.

The buzz:

“Michele Miller has had more lives than a cat, and they’ve made her a writer of passion and substance.”


“An unlikely partnership between the ex-wife and the new wife of a lawyer evolves after his mysterious death in this action-packed, suspenseful novel filled with rich characters and unpredictable turns. You will stay up late to finish it.”


“Offering insight into the workings of the judicial system, the FBI, and the underworld, this fast-paced and explosive novel is filled with intrigue. The three  females live in terror and fight not only for their lives but for their due, unaware of the horror awaiting them from a man they once loved and who wronged them all for the sake of greed. In addition to the circumstances they face, the bombshell ending is completely unexpected.”

—New York Journal of Books

“Miller populates her novel with truly dynamic female characters…A tense novel with three remarkable main characters.”

Kirkus Reviews

“An engaging thriller.”


13th Step final cover 5 Final!!.jpg

The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery

Eight people escape zombie-infested New York. They have only one thing in common: the addict gene. The same genetic quirk that makes alcoholics and addicts susceptible to booze and drugs gives them a mysterious ability to evade the undead. But that's not enough to unite them. They're an unlikely crew: A Botoxed Upper East Sider; a drug dealer; a resentful daughter of addicts; a recovering AA guy; a Japanese ex-dope fiend; an addicted Ivy Leaguer; and a Mexican immigrant. They dodge zombies, toxic wastelands, drugged lunatics, their personal demons and sometimes each other, only to find themselves in a cult that takes A.A. to fundamentalist extremes. They have to make a choice, one they may not survive.

The buzz:

"A humorous and surprising satire of both the zombie apocalypse and the culture of addiction….  A well-written, thoughtful treatment not just of a popular literary trope but of a nagging social issue."


The zombie apocalypse is not the story; it's the setting. This thought-provoking commentary on 12-Step culture -- our pitfalls, majesty and volatility -- is the treasure inside this story.... This book ranks as a strong buy from this analyst."


"What makes this book stand out, besides its great pacing and true-to-life dialogue, is the characters and their relation to one another... . It's a striking look at the ills of society…a study of human nature in the guise of a horror novel....”


2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter Finalist